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Product Listings for OsteoMed LLC
BioAction Great Toe Implant (Prod 6076)
Time-tested use, superior option to fusion of a painful MPJ joint ... [more]
CalFix Calcaneal Plate and Screw System (Prod 11235)
This system is comprised of plates and screws made of titani ... [more]
Cannulated Screw Systems (Prod 6074)
For small bone osteotomies, fractures, and fusions. Four screw s ... [more]
EnCompass™ Metatarsal Resurfacing Implant (Prod 11234)
One-piece implant designed to replace the distal head of the firs ... [more]
ExtremiFix Cannulated Screw System (Prod 1407213)
The ExtremiFix cannulated screw system offers 2.0, 2.4, 3.0 and 4 ... [more]
ExtremiFuse Hammertoe Implant (Prod 150713)
ExtremiFuse Hammertoe implant integrates established screw techno ... [more]
ExtremiLOCK Ankle Plating System (Prod 150713)
ExtremiLOCK Ankle Plating System is a comprehensive ankle fractur ... [more]
fps Foot Plating System (Prod 11233)
Designed and validated by leading foot and ankle surgeons, the Fo ... [more]
hps Hand Plating System (Prod 9861)
Stable angled locking technology. Dual compression hole configura ... [more]
Inion OTPS Pins (Prod 150713)
Inion OTPS Pins are biodegradable fixation pins indicated for mai ... [more]
InstaFix™ Shape Memory Fixation System (Prod 1801077)
Due to its innovative “S” shaped back, the Nitinol body heat ... [more]
InterPhlex Flexible Stabilization Rods (Prod 3409)
Inter-phalangeal and metatarsal-phalangeal flexible stabilization ... [more]
Isogard (Prod 4163)
The Isogard system was developed as a minimally invasive decompre ... [more]
KobyGard System (Prod 6075)
Designed to allow surgeons to easily and safely isolate and cut t ... [more]
M3-X Screw System (Prod 3406)
The M3-X™ Extremity Fixation System is a rigid fixation sys ... [more]
M3-XTM Extremity Fixation System
The M3-XTM EXTREMITY FIXATION SYSTEM is a rigid fixation system f ... [more]
OsteoHarvester (Prod 8941)
Bone graft harvester that allows the surgeon to harvest and morse ... [more]
Comprehensive electric module selection covers a wide variety of ... [more]
OsteoVation QWIK
OsteoVation QWIK consists of a proprietary composite of calcium p ... [more]
BioCompatible. Easy to mix and deliver. Moldable and Flowa ... [more]
Reflexion™ 1st MPJ Implant (Prod 3408)
The REFLEXION™ 1st MPJ IMPLANT SYSTEM is a unique three-piece i ... [more]
Conically shaped implants to defy extrusion and attain superior b ... [more]