Osprey Biomedical Corp.

Product Listings for Osprey Biomedical Corp.
Cervical Allografts (Prod 10414)
Eagle, Precision Cortical Ring, and struts ... [more]
Harrier Facet Graft (Prod 10419)
One continuous and solid piece of precision cortical graft design ... [more]
Kite Interspinous Process BioImplant (Prod 10420)
A true biologic which allows spinous processes to remodel and fus ... [more]
Lumbar Allografts (Prod 10415)
Falcon PLIF, Condor ALIF, and Talon TLIF allografts. Unique ATPS& ... [more]
Ortho Crunch (Prod 10417)
More DBM Per Volume For Greater Inductive Potential / Osteoinduc ... [more]
Peregrine Pure Putty (Prod 10416)
100% DBM Flowable Carrier - A Natural Source For Fusion.  ... [more]
Wing Graft Sponge (Prod 12128)
Pre-cut, easy to use spongy allograft designed to be used with Os ... [more]