Orthomerica Products, Inc.

Orthomerica Products, Inc.
Product Listings for Orthomerica Products, Inc.
California Soft Spinal System (Prod 9118)
LSO or TLSO designs made of lightweight, breathable materials. E ... [more]
Newport Hip Orthoses (Prod 6131)
Newport® Hip Management Systems are designed and engineered t ... [more]
Newport Shoulder System (Prod 6134)
The Newport Shoulder System is a prefabricated or custom-to-meas ... [more]
Pediatric Ankle-Foot Orthosis [AFO] (Prod 9142)
Prefabricated finished AFOs for prevention of equinous contractio ... [more]
Prime Elbow System (Prod 6133)
The Prime Elbow System is a prefabricated modular arm orthosis, e ... [more]
Spinal Orthoses (Prod 6132)
Manufacturer of a wide variety of custom-to-measurement, custom-t ... [more]
TC Flex AFO System (Prod 9143)
TC Flex Orthoses are separated into four categories to assist wit ... [more]
Universal Polaris 2 Knee Rehab Orthosis (Prod 6135)
The Universal Knee Rehab Braces have been designed for use follow ... [more]