Product Listings for Orthomed
Carpal Tunnel Instrumentation (Prod 150530)
The Carpal Tunnel Instrumentation is engineered specifically for ... [more]
CHEVILLE & VIS (Prod 150530)
CHEVILLE and VIS are indicated for the fixation of LIGASTIC® in ... [more]
Chromium Cobalt Fixation Staples (Prod 3563)
Extra-flat type "P" ligament fixation staples. Thin, flat bri ... [more]
Compression Screw (Prod 150530)
The Compression Screw is engineered from Titanium and is indicate ... [more]
Foot Arthrodesis Staples (Prod 7988)
Extra flat staple designed for patient comfort. Easy penetratio ... [more]
IKARIOS (Prod 150530)
IKARIOS is a non-absorbable suture manufactured from braided Ultr ... [more]
Interference Screws (Prod 3562)
Three kinds of interference screws : Titanium screws with split h ... [more]
LEMAIRE Staples (Prod 7989)
Indicated for ligament fixation. Constructed of stainless steel ... [more]
Ligastic (Prod 3561)
An artificial ligament for use in the knee, shoulder, wrist, and ... [more]
Metallic Suture Screwed Anchor (Prod 150530)
The Metallic Suture Screwed Anchor is engineered from titanium an ... [more]
ORENGO Fixation Staples (Oval) (Prod 7991)
Oval staple, with thicker and longer legs (25 mm). Used on thic ... [more]
Osteotomy "three point" Staple (Prod 7990)
Osteotomy "three point" Staple for Valgus Tibial Osteotomy. Compa ... [more]
Snap Off Screw (Prod 150530)
The Snap Off Screw is engineered from Titanium and is indicated f ... [more]
Suture Screw Anchor AVS 3 (Prod 3564)
Self-tapping titanium screw with square socket head, fitted with ... [more]
Varisation Staple (Prod 150530)
The Varisation Staple is engineered from stainless steel and is i ... [more]