Ortho Solutions Ltd

Product Listings for Ortho Solutions Ltd
Elastic Titanium Nail (Prod 9085)
Available in with either a flat end or an atraumatic end. ... [more]
Meta and Twistfix Screws (Prod 9082)
Foot Reconstruction Screws that are one time use, disposable, and ... [more]
Ring Fixator System (RFS) (Prod 9083)
The Ring Fixator System (RFS) is a cost effective and fully compa ... [more]
Sterile Saw Blades (Prod 9084)
Sterile, one time use. Compatible with existing orthopaedic syste ... [more]
ToeGrip (Prod 17051310)
ToeGrip is a next generation approach to the surgical treatment o ... [more]