Ortho Development Corporation

Product Listings for Ortho Development Corporation
Alpine Hip Stem (Prod 150522)
Alpine Hip Stem is intended for use in total hip arthroplasty and ... [more]
B2 Bipolar Cup (Prod 938)
CoCr Outer and Inner Head ... [more]
Balanced Knee System (Prod 245)
Contour Spinal System (Prod 677)
Multi-level lumbar spine fusion system to include the sacrum. ... [more]
Escalade Acetabular System (Prod 11357)
The system is indicated for use with the Ovation® Hip Stem in ... [more]
IBS Interbody Spacer (Prod 676)
Lumbar Fusion Device ... [more]
Integrated Spine System (Prod 11203)
The Integrated Spine System is designed to treat adult degen ... [more]
KASMĀ® Knee Articulating Spacer Molds (Prod 150522)
KASM is a cement spacer mold intended for use in treating patient ... [more]
Ovation Tribute Hip Stem (Prod 150522)
The Ovation Tribute Hip Stem is a femoral hip prosthesis intended ... [more]
Primaloc Cemented (Prod 672)
Cemented femoral prosthesis. ... [more]
Primaloc Cementless (Prod 673)
Uncemented femoral prosthesis. ... [more]
Vusion TS/PS/CS Partial Vertebral Body Replacement (Prod 9137)
Manufactured from PEEK-OPTIMA polymer and features radiopaque mar ... [more]