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Product Listings for OTIS Biotech Co., Ltd
Acetabular System (Seal lock) (Prod 11073)
Acetabular component is composed of Ti-6Al-4V ELI biomaterial and ... [more]
Bipolar System (Prod 11074)
As downward force is applied, the 2 different points of rotation ... [more]
Cage System (Prod 11076)
The cage system is inserted into intervertebral discs for longitu ... [more]
Cemented Collared Stem (Prod 11072)
The cemented, collared, tapered stem which is wedge shaped, reduc ... [more]
Cemented Polished Tapered Stem (Prod 11071)
Tapered polished MultiFit cemented stem designed to decrease stre ... [more]
Cementless Tapered Stem (Prod 11070)
The overall design conception was line to line figure. Due to por ... [more]
ULC Spinal Pedicle Screw System (Prod 11075)
Used to correct, decompress, and fix parts affected by diseases s ... [more]