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Product Listings for Newclip Technics
Alians Clavicule (Prod 150110)
The ALIANS Clavicule range is composed by two kinds of anatomic i ... [more]
Alians Distal Radius (Prod 2006127)
ALIANS DISTAL RADIUS: A solution for the treatment of distal radi ... [more]
Alians Proximal Humerus Plate (Prod 2006128)
The ALIANS HUMERUS plates are designed for proximal humerus fract ... [more]
Alians Ulna Locking Plating System (Prod 20061212)
Alians Ulna Locking Plating System for ulnar shortening osteotomy ... [more]
Footmotion (Prod 2006129)
The FOOTMOTION range offers a complete set of self-compressive sc ... [more]
Handmotion (Prod 20061210)
The HANDMOTION self-compressive screws exist in diameters 2.25mm ... [more]
Orthopaedic Implants and Prostheses (Prod 20061211)
The company designs, manufactures and markets various ranges of o ... [more]