Product Listings for Neoligaments
AchilloCordPLUS (Prod 11770)
The AchilloCordPLUS is a densely woven flexible tubular structure ... [more]
AcromioTape System (Prod 150310)
The AcromioTape System comprises a wide, open weave Poly-Tape imp ... [more]
Cradle Fixation Device (Prod 2667)
This device is intended for attachment of soft tissue or sutures ... [more]
Fastlok (Prod 150310)
The Fastlok is recommended for secure fatigue resistant fixation ... [more]
Graftologer™ (Prod 11760)
Instrument set for harvesting middle third patellar tendon (BTB) ... [more]
Hybrid (Prod 11769)
The Hybrid system comprises a set of fixation devices that allow ... [more]
JewelACL (Prod 11767)
The JewelACL is a specialized textile scaffold which is rendered ... [more]
Leeds-Keio Shoulder Ligament (Prod 9764)
The Leeds-Keio™ Shoulder Ligament is a polyethylene terepht ... [more]
Leeds-Keio System 90 (Prod 2663)
The System 90 is the original Leeds-Keio™ knee ligament, be ... [more]
Leeds-Kuff Patch™ (Prod 150310)
The Leeds-Kuff Patch™ is a permanent implant constructed from k ... [more]
MPFL System (Prod 11768)
The MPFL System uses a 10 x 500 mm Poly-Tape in conjunction with ... [more]
Ortho-Tape (Prod 9765)
The 3mm Ortho-Tape has been specifically developed to provide the ... [more]
PatellarTape System (Prod 11765)
The PatellarTape System comprises a wide open weave Poly-Tape pro ... [more]
Peroneal Repair with Poly–Tape (Prod 150310)
An open weave 10 mm x 500 mm Poly-Tape implant is recommended for ... [more]
Poly-Tape (Prod 9766)
Formerly known as the Leeds-Keio Connective Tissue Prostheses (CT ... [more]
QuadsTape System (Prod 11766)
The QuadsTape System comprises a wide open weave Poly-Tape prosth ... [more]
Rota-Lok System (Prod 11758)
The Rota-Lok comprises a wide central scaffold which tapers to a ... [more]
Titanium Fastlok (Prod 2664)
The Fastlok consists of a bone staple and a buckle. It is used to ... [more]