Molnlycke Health Care Inc.

Product Listings for Molnlycke Health Care Inc.
Biogel Optifit Orthopaedic Gloves (Prod 3218)
Precision-tailored fit. Micro-roughened surface and curved finge ... [more]
EZ DERM (Prod 11910)
Shelf storable porcine xenograft. Shelf life of 18 months, stored ... [more]
MEDISKIN (Prod 11909)
Frozen irradiated porcine xenograft with a dermal and epidermal l ... [more]
Mepilex (Prod 9416)
Mepilex® is an absorbent soft silicone foam dressing that mi ... [more]
Mepilex Ag (Prod 9415)
Mepilex® Ag is an antimicrobial soft silicone foam dressing t ... [more]
Mepilex Border (Prod 9417)
Mepilex® Border is a self-adherent soft silicone bordered foa ... [more]
Mepitel (Prod 9414)
Mepitel® is a soft silicone wound contact layer that allows ... [more]
Pillo-Boot Lower Leg Positioning Device (Prod 11907)
Open Cell, Nontoxic, Diposable Polyfoam Insert can be Autoclaved ... [more]
Skin Graft Meshers (Prod 11908)
Available in a variety of expansion ratios and two platform width ... [more]