Mizuho OSI

Product Listings for Mizuho OSI
Arthroscopic Stress Post (Prod 7813)
Waterproof Arthroscopic Stress Post Fulcrum that allows surgeon t ... [more]
FlexFrame™ Spine Platform (Prod 140731)
Portable, easy to use positioning frame that allows surgeon-speci ... [more]
Forearm Reduction Unit (Prod 7814)
Forearm Reduction Unit allows the surgeon to acheive and maintain ... [more]
Hana Table (Prod 12170)
State of the art fracture table that optimizes the Anterior Appro ... [more]
INSITE™ (Prod 12226)
Dedicated to giving surgeons better imaging access to their patie ... [more]
Jackson Spinal Table (Prod 2206)
Advanced technology for spinal surgery positioning. ... [more]
Multilok Hand Operating Table (Prod 9046)
The Multilok hand table represents a major advance in operating s ... [more]
OpenFrame Spine Platform (Prod 150504)
Convenient, portable, easy to use, positioning frame that maintai ... [more]
OVATION™ Orthopedic Trauma/Fracture Table (Prod 2208)
The powered torso and leg sections of the OVATION™ Orthopedic T ... [more]
Overhead Traction Systems (Prod 6952)
Second largest supplier of over-bed traction systems in the natio ... [more]
proAXIS Spinal Surgery Table (Prod 141223)
Made from carbon fiber, the table features software-controlled, a ... [more]
Revolution Patient Rotation System (Prod 11298)
Makes patient turning safer and easier, allowing nurses to adjust ... [more]
Tempur-Med® Table Pads (Prod 6953)
Equalizes pressure load against the body. Reduces incidence of n ... [more]
Tempur-Pedic Medical Table Pads for discontinued Tables (Prod 141223)
Available for the Jackson Spinal Surgical Table even though this ... [more]
Trios® Surgical Table System (Prod 2007137)
Contents Dual column modular platform features 3 different tops ... [more]
Ultra Shoulder Positioner (Prod 2210)
The Ultra Shoulder Positioner™ provides a safe, convenient ... [more]
Wilson Plus Radiolucent Wilson Frame (Prod 2209)
The Wilson Plus Radiolucent Wilson Frame delivers unrestricted ra ... [more]