MiMedx, Inc.

Product Listings for MiMedx, Inc.
AmnioCord (Prod 1803064)
AmnioCord is a minimally manipulated, dehydrated, non-viable cell ... [more]
AmnioFill (Prod 1803063)
AmnioFill is Human Placental Tissue Allograft that is intended fo ... [more]
AmnioFix (Prod 11175)
AmnioFix™ tissue allograft acts as a resorbable scar tissue ... [more]
CollaFix (Prod 8602)
CollaFix™ technology was developed to mimic the natural com ... [more]
EpiFix™ (Prod 10906)
A biologic Human Amniotic Membrane implant specifically processed ... [more]
HydroFix Ortho Shield (Prod 11458)
HydroFix™ Ortho Shield™ is indicated for the manageme ... [more]
HydroFix Spine Shield (Prod 10059)
The HydroFix™ Spine Shield has received it's CE Mark and th ... [more]
HydroFix Vaso Shield (Prod 9983)
A durable hydrogel product, the HydroFix™ Vaso Shield, is i ... [more]
OrthoFlo (Prod 1803062)
OrthoFlo is an amniotic fluid allograft that is provided lyophili ... [more]
Paradis Vaso Shield (Prod 11687)
The Paradis Vaso Shield™ has received FDA clearance as a co ... [more]
Salubria (Prod 9837)
A unique polyvinyl alcohol and water-based biomaterial that can b ... [more]
SaluDisc (Prod 8603)
SaluDisc is an artificial disc implant designed to mimc the mecha ... [more]