Merit Medical Systems, Inc.

Product Listings for Merit Medical Systems, Inc.
Long SpineSTAR® Ablation Instrument (Prod 151220)
Long SpineSTAR is the latest innovation by the Silicon Valley med ... [more]
Osseoflex BT Steerable Bone Tamp (Prod 150706)
Articulates up to 60 degrees. When used in conjunction with the ... [more]
Osseoflex SB (Steerable Balloon) (Prod 12092)
Osseoflex® SB (steerable balloon), employs a unipedicular approa ... [more]
Osseoflex SN+ (Steerable Needle) (Prod 11576)
The Osseoflex SN+ allows direct unipedicular access to the entire ... [more]
Osseoplasty System (Prod 9553)
The Osseoplasty System is comprised of the Osseoflex®SN (steerab ... [more]
Spinal Tumor Ablation with Radiofrequency (STAR) System (Prod 10676)
Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation (RFA) device that provides l ... [more]
StabiliT Radiofrequency Targeted Vertebral Augmentation® (RF-TVA) System (Prod 9116)
For treatment of vertebral compression fractures caused by osteop ... [more]