Medi USA

Product Listings for Medi USA
Achimed (Prod 5761)
Achilles Tendon support with anatomically shaped silicone insert. ... [more]
Genumedi (Prod 5760)
Knee support with silicone patella-ring for mild sprains of the k ... [more]
Line of Compression Garments (Prod 141225)
Juxta-Fit Premium: 24 hour compression in standard and custom si ... [more]
M.4 / M.4 Compact (Prod 5759)
For treatment of isolated rupture of the anterior cruciate ligame ... [more]
M.4 OA (Prod 5757)
For protecting, stabilizing, relieving pain and restoring patient ... [more]
Medi-Active Silicone Heel Cushions (Prod 5762)
Silicone heel cushions and silicone insoles with purple points. ... [more]
Mediven Active (Prod 5764)
Discreet compression in a men's dress sock. ... [more]
Mediven Radiance (Prod 5763)
Exceptionally sheer medical compression stockings with a softer f ... [more]
PT Control (Prod 5758)
For treatment of patellofemoral pain syndrome. ... [more]
Spinomed (Prod 5756)
Spinal orthosis for vertebral extension in osteoporosis. Spinomed ... [more]