Maramed Orthopedic Systems

Product Listings for Maramed Orthopedic Systems
Heel Pain Rehab System (Prod 5465)
The system includes a night splint, stretching wedge, set of heel ... [more]
HKAFO & KAFO Femoral Fracture Orthosis (Prod 4195)
Custom fabricated femoral fracture orthoses. Available in variou ... [more]
Miami Hip Orthosis (Prod 4196)
Works best with the Kinesio Hip Joint but a variety of hip joints ... [more]
Miami Over The Shoulder Universal Fracture Brace (Prod 7119)
Miami PreFabricated Fracture Brace System. ... [more]
Passive Night Stretch Splint (Prod 5466)
Flexion is preset at 10 degrees to provide continuous and effecti ... [more]
Shoulder Elbow Wrist Hand Orthosis (Prod 4197)
Anatomical alignment of the shoulder-humerus-forearm-wrist-hand w ... [more]
Sports Thumb Spica (Prod 5468)
Provides rigid immobilization of the thumb and/or wrist. ... [more]
Thumb Guard Spica (Prod 5467)
Provides rigid immobilization of the thumb. ... [more]
Tibia Fracture Brace (Prod 5464)
Brace constructed of low density polyethylene plastic with 1/8" f ... [more]