MX Orthopedics, Corp.

Product Listings for MX Orthopedics, Corp.
dynaMX Compression Plate (Prod 150224)
Shortens up to 1mm to reduce fractures and generates and maintain ... [more]
dynaMX Compression Staples (Prod 150224)
This staple combines superelastic legs for compression with a mal ... [more]
dynaMX Headless Compression Screws (Prod 150224)
This screw foreshortens to generate and maintain compression acro ... [more]
dynaMX Intramedullary Implants (Prod 150224)
This implant has radially expanding barbs to provide torsional an ... [more]
Shape Memory Alloy Hip Implant (Prod 11705)
The Shape Memory Alloy Hip Implant is a proximally self-lock ... [more]