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Product Listings for MEDICREA International
C-JAWS Cervical Compression Staple (Prod 8909)
C-JAWS™ is used to stabilize bone graft. It has the poten ... [more]
IMPIX-C and IMPIX-C+ (Prod 8907)
The anatomical shape of the IMPIX Cervical cages (IMPIX-C and IMP ... [more]
IMPIX-L (Prod 8908)
The insertion of the IMPIX-L is facilitated by a bi-convex design ... [more]
LigaPASS 2.0 Band System (Prod 150508)
The LigaPASS 2.0 band system for spinal posterior thoraco-lumbar ... [more]
OSMOSYS Sticks (Prod 8910)
This ceramic (hydroxyapatite and tricalcium phosphate) can be use ... [more]
PASS LP Iliac Fixation (Prod 9852)
This new Iliac Fixation supplements the PASS® LP range, a ult ... [more]
PASS LP Spinal System (Prod 4923)
The PASS® LP Spinal System includes polyaxial anchorages such ... [more]
PASS MIS System (Prod 12039)
The PASS MIS system offers a simplistic technique to perform both ... [more]
UNiD (Prod 2006122)
UNiD is a patient-specific spinal osteosynthesis rod system, desi ... [more]
UNiD ALIF (Prod 2006124)
Customized spine cages created with a 3-D printer Made of Poly ... [more]
UNiD HUB (Prod 1706235)
The UNiD HUB system is a data-driven digital portal that utilizes ... [more]