Product Listings for LinkSPINE
CorticaLINK (Prod 1711141)
CorticaLINK is a complete platform of pedicle based fixation impl ... [more]
FacetLINK (Prod 150519)
FacetLINK uses two screws and a plated cross-connector assembly t ... [more]
FacetLINK MINI (Prod 150806)
The implant is manufactured from titanium and designed for placem ... [more]
HEMI DEVICE (Prod 1711142)
Designed to secure bilateral fixation through a unilateral microd ... [more]
Trans-Articular Pedicle Screws (Prod 150519)
Cortical thread form – offers secure fixation through the joint ... [more]
VertebraLINK (Prod 1801181)
The VertebraLINK PLIF/TLIF Fusion Platform is a comprehensive sui ... [more]