Lattice Biologics Ltd.

Product Listings for Lattice Biologics Ltd.
AdMatrix (Prod 160312)
A decellularized dermal matrix used in wound care and Oral/Maxill ... [more]
Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) Allografts (Prod 1603122)
Demineralized Bone Matrix Chips, Blocks and Strips H-Genin ... [more]
Extracellular Matrix (ECM) (Prod 160312)
Our decellularized technology derived from native ECM (Extracellu ... [more]
MarBrane (Prod 160421)
MarBrane is an amniotic tissue membrane product harvested from pl ... [more]
MarCell (Prod 160421)
MarCell is viable cell allograft tissue that combines multiple pr ... [more]
MarGraft (Prod 160421)
MarGraft is a demineralized cortical fiber product. MarGraft can ... [more]
Spinal Allografts (Prod 160312)
Features Enhancing fusion in spine surgery Anterior ... [more]
Traditional Allografts (Prod 160312)
Sports medicine indication including ACL repair Promotion of bon ... [more]