LDR Spine

Product Listings for LDR Spine
Avenue L Lateral Lumbar Cage (Prod 150818)
The Avenue® L Lateral Lumbar Cage is designed for strength, vers ... [more]
Easyspine® Pedicle Screw System (Prod 7944)
Easyspine® is an innovative system that features a simplified su ... [more]
MC+ Implant (Prod 7946)
The MC+ is a cervical cage that is open and can contain bone or b ... [more]
Mobi-C® Cervical Disc (Prod 8350)
Mobi-C is a cobalt chromium alloy and polyethylene, mobile-bearin ... [more]
Mobidisc (Prod 4251)
Mobidisc® is the first of a second generation of lumbar disc ... [more]
ROI, ROI-T and ROI-A (Prod 7945)
The ROI, ROI-T™ and ROI-A™ intersomatic cages were de ... [more]
ROI-A Oblique ALIF Cage (Prod 11706)
The oblique cage complements its forerunner, the ROI-A ALIF cage, ... [more]
ROI-C Lordotic Cervical Cage (Prod 12219)
The ROI-C Lordotic Cervical Cage compliments the existing RO ... [more]
ROI-C® Titanium-Coated Cervical Cage (Prod 1606116)
The ROI-C Titanium-Coated Implant System offers a porous plasma-s ... [more]
SpineTune TL Pedicle Screw System (Prod 150818)
The SpineTune®TL Pedicle Screw System provides all of the predic ... [more]
VerteBRIDGE® (Prod 8901)
Zero-profile, self-locking anchoring plates for initial and long ... [more]