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Product Listings for Intelligent Implant Systems, LLC
ACTIVE Screw (Prod 150127)
ACTIVE™ Screw is a novel screw design, which utilizes an ex ... [more]
BioSphere® Putty (Prod 1801084)
Bone graft developed to maximize the bone healing potential of bi ... [more]
FIT Facet Fusion Implant Technology (Prod 150127)
FIT™ is the first allograft facet dowel designed to simulta ... [more]
LSIF™ (Load Sharing Interbody Fusion) (Prod 150127)
The first PEEK implant of its kind to allow for load sharing of t ... [more]
Marauder Spinal Fixation System (Prod 150127)
Marauder™ Spinal Fixation System is a zero-torque posterior ... [more]
MIND Lumbar-Thoracic Spinal System (Prod 150127)
MIND™ Lumbar-Thoracic Spinal System is a new approach for t ... [more]
Perception® Spinal Fixation System (Prod 150127)
Perception® Spinal Fixation System is the first polyaxial scr ... [more]
Revolution™ Spinal System (Prod 150127)
A simple, elegant and time-saving solution for one and two-level ... [more]