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Product Listings for Halyard Health
CERVICOOL Cooled RF System (Prod 150429)
Cervicool, a water cooled radio-frequency system for treating pai ... [more]
EzStim II Dual Purpose Peripheral Nerve Stimulator (Prod 4082)
Versatile, pocket-size peripheral nerve stimulator that automatic ... [more]
Integuseal (Prod 7694)
Microbial barrier designed to seal and immobilize bacteria. Ster ... [more]
MiniStim MS-IVA (Prod 4081)
Peripheral nerve stimulator For neuromuscular monitoring ... [more]
ON-Q Pain Post-Operative Pain Relief System (Prod 3624)
Balloon-like pump that provides targeted pain relief after surger ... [more]
ON-Q PainBuster with ON-Q SilverSoaker (Prod 11960)
ON-Q PainBuster with ON-Q® SilverSoaker™ gets patients back to ... [more]
ON-Q SilverDressing (Prod 11959)
A thin film dressing with a powerful "one-two" punch of physical ... [more]
On-Q® QuickBloc® Over-the-Needle Catheter Set (Prod 1602201)
Catheter assembled over an echogenic needle to allow for continuo ... [more]
One-Step Quick Check Sterilization Wrap (Prod 12246)
Combines a blue layer with a white layer to allow easy identifica ... [more]
OxyGenesys Dressings (Prod 11961)
Absorbent foam-like dressings indicated for use in the management ... [more]
Tracer® III Digital Nerve Locator (Prod 4083)
Pocket-size digital nerve locator that optimizes ease and conveni ... [more]