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Product Listings for Gruppo Bioimpianti s.r.l..
Biocemium I - III (Prod 4862)
Sterile, radiopaque acrylic cement for orthopaedic surgery. ... [more]
ESOBLOCK (Prod 4861)
ESOBLOCK diaphyseal cement plugs are totally re-absorbable and co ... [more]
Fin Arthroprosthesis (Pros 4854)
The Fin Arthroprosthesis is a cemented and cementless straight st ... [more]
Janus Cup (Prod 4853)
The biarticular Janus Cup is the "bicentric" type of bipolar endo ... [more]
Meros Acetabulum ( Cotyle) (Prod 4860)
The Meros cotyle was designed to meet the demand for a press-fit ... [more]
MRP (Prod 4858)
The MRP is a modular resection prosthesis for proximal femur for ... [more]
MRS (Prod 4859)
The MRS is a modular-rotatory shoulder endoprosthesis. In some c ... [more]
PCL Femoral Stem (Prod 4856)
The PCL femoral stem is a metaphyseal press-fit cementless straig ... [more]
SMR (Prod 4857)
The SMR hip revision stem is a modular system designed for prosth ... [more]
Spherus Talus Screw (Prod 4863)
The "SPHERUS" talus screw is designed for surgical correction of ... [more]