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Adjust-A-Lift Heel Lifts (Prod 8887)
For over 20 years Adjust-A-Lift Heel Lifts have provided welcome ... [more]
All-Terrain Steppers (Prod 8565)
No longer available through this company.These canes (Steppers&re ... [more]
Bed-Couch Push Up Bars (Prod 8886)
Sitting down or getting up from a bed or a sofa can be a painful ... [more]
Full Sole Inserts (Prod 8891)
The Full Sole Inserts were developed from the same material as th ... [more]
Kinetic Comfort Heel Pads (Prod 8895)
Cushioned heel pad with foam sandwiched between a leather upper s ... [more]
SureFoot and SureStep Canes (Prod 12061)
These canes provide users with tremendous stability and flexibili ... [more]
White Heel Wedge (Prod 8890)
From the maker of the Adjust-A-Lift heel lifts and Full Sole Inse ... [more]