Fii (Fabrique d'Implants et d'Instruments chirurgicaux)

Product Listings for Fii (Fabrique d'Implants et d'Instruments chirurgicaux)
AGOS (Prod 150623)
AGOS is a range of staples for bone and ligamentary fixings. ... [more]
AQD Stem (Prod 150623)
AQD is a cemented self-locking stem. Its surface has little groov ... [more]
Cemented Cups ABM-C (Prod 150623)
ABM-C is a " Muller bas profile " type cemented cup in solid poly ... [more]
CLASSIC Monobloc Stem (Prod 150623)
CLASSIC-M is a cemented monobloc stem. CLSSIC is manufactured in ... [more]
CLASSIC Universal Stem (Prod 150623)
CLASSIC is a cemented universal stem. CLASSIC is manufactured in ... [more]
CLASSIC-C : Cemented Cup (Prod 150623)
CLASSIC is a Kerboull type cemented cup in solid polyethylene. T ... [more]
CMR Mobile cup (Prod 150623)
CMR is an ideal semi-retaining mobile cup for intermediate hip pr ... [more]
G2SII (Prod 150623)
G2SII is a tricompartmental knee prosthesis with mobile plate, b ... [more]
HELIOS (Prod 150623)
HELIOS is a range of cup reinforcements with horizontal diameter ... [more]
LHS :: Humeral Binding (Prod 150623)
Reinforcement button for the transbone reintegration of the rotat ... [more]
MEDULOCK Cement plug (Prod 150623)
Flexible and biodegradable cement plug 6 sizes En ... [more]
P2C : Clavicle Plate (Prod 150623)
P2C is a non divisible plate used in repairing surgery of fractur ... [more]
ROTAX (Prod 150623)
ROTAX is a hinged total knee prosthesis with rotative plate. This ... [more]
SELECTIV Stem (Prod 150623)
SELECTIV is a morpho-adapted universal femoral stem. SELECTIV is ... [more]
STABILOCK Stem (Prod 150623)
STABILOCK is a cemented universal femoral stem. Manufactured in w ... [more]
STELION Cup (Prod 150623)
STELION is a metal-backed cup with holes obturated by titunium sc ... [more]
UNI-3 (Prod 150623)
UNI-3 is an unicompartmental knee prosthesis. The femoral compone ... [more]