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Acrolig (Prod 11953)
Acromioclavicular stabilization plasty. This ligament has been sp ... [more]
Stemless Total Shoulder System ... [more]
Flexnail (Prod 11954)
Elastic nail for intra-medular procedure. ... [more]
HumeLOCK (Prod 11951)
The HumeLOCK is indicated for complex cephalotuberositaires fract ... [more]
HUMELOCK II (Prod 1608091)
HUMELOCK II is a new-generation modular implant designed for the ... [more]
PRCT (Prod 11952)
Locking plate for articular fractures of the proximal humerus. ... [more]
SMARTLOOP (Prod 11955)
Kits of loop polyester sutures. ... [more]