FM Control

Product Listings for FM Control
CPS Plate (Calcaneus-Plating-System) (Prod 10723)
Universal malleable plate that fits both right and left feet. ... [more]
DPS Plate (Displacement-Plating-System) (Prod 10722)
Step plate for fixation of calcaneal displacement osteotomies. ... [more]
FRS Forefoot Reconstruction Set (Prod 10716)
In addition to all necessary instruments, such as the screw holde ... [more]
LPS Lapidus Plating System (Prod 10719)
Step plate for rearfoot and tarsus arthrodesis. 7 step variation ... [more]
MRS Modular Rearfoot Set (Prod 10718)
The basic set consists of 3.5 mm titanium screws in a plate-locki ... [more]
PIA Plate (Poly-Interpositionig-Arthrodesis) (Prod 10720)
Stable fixation for rearfoot correction osteotomies and fusions. ... [more]
PneuMicro Small Bone Power System (Prod 10724)
The PneuMicro™ Small Bone Power System offers precision wit ... [more]
Pulse Lavage (Prod 10726)
The Pulse Lavage is an easy-to-use, pneumatic instrument that pum ... [more]
Tava Surgical Power System TSOps (Prod 10725)
The Tava Surgical Power System TSOps is a cordless orthopaedic sy ... [more]
TWIST-OFF Screws (Prod 10717)
The Twist-Off™ screws are compression bone screws for the q ... [more]
UPS 3,5 Plate (Universal-Plating-System) (Prod 10721)
A general purpose plating system for a variety of midfoot and rea ... [more]
XiScan 6000 (Prod 4970)
XiScan 6000™, is a mini c-arm fluoroscopic x-ray system tha ... [more]