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Product Listings for FH Orthopedics s.a.s.
ARROW (Prod 150512)
Universal shoulder prosthesis, the ARROW system is a set of solut ... [more]
Atlas (Prod 4127)
The Atlas® is an elastic, expandable acetabular cup. Atlas&re ... [more]
BEHAC (Prod 150512)
Dynamic humeral nail. The BEHAC humeral nail is an elastic n ... [more]
CoLS Classic Fixation System (Prod 12024)
The CoLS Classic fixation system is composed of two elements: &bu ... [more]
CoLS PEEK Fixation Screws (Prod 12026)
These non-metal screws, made out of PEEK material, are designed f ... [more]
CROSS Lig Interference Screws (Prod 12025)
CROSS lig interference screws are injected into the Duosorb® ... [more]
ESOP HA (Prod 5548)
Modular femoral stem which allows up to 70 different possible com ... [more]
Eurobone (Prod 5734)
Eurobone is a calcium phosphate cement suitable for minimally inv ... [more]
EUROCER 400 (Prod 3591)
EUROCER 400 is a synthetic bone substitute intended for post-trau ... [more]
FHK Total Knee Prosthesis (Prod 150512)
FHK was developed by leveraging the accumulated knowledge and kno ... [more]
Hip'n go (Prod 150512)
The Universal Solution. The universality of the Hip’n go ... [more]
LP-ESPĀ® (Prod 150512)
Lumbar disc prosthesis. The LP-ESP disc prosthesis is t ... [more]
MAEVA III NewDesign (Prod 5546)
Total cemented knee prosthesis with CrCo femur, an all-poly tibia ... [more]
OSTEO + PLATE (Prod 150512)
Plate for opening wedge HTO. Medial femoro-tibal arthritis in c ... [more]
Ramses Ankle (Prod 10644)
Spheroidally shaped talus that allows rotation about multiple axe ... [more]
STS : Shoulder Trauma System (Prod 150512)
A single instrument set for versatile solutions. In traumatolo ... [more]
TELEGRAPH Nail (Prod 5549)
TELEGRAPH nail used for proximal fractures of the humerus. It is ... [more]
THIRA (Prod 150512)
Straight femoral stem. The THIRA range is a range of straight, ... [more]