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Product Listings for Extremity Medical, LLC
Align Ankle Fusion System (Prod 160401)
The Align Ankle Fusion System isa plating system intended to faci ... [more]
Apex IP Fusion System (Prod 1601093)
The Apex System is used for intramedullary fixation of the interp ... [more]
CarpalFix System (Prod 1601097)
The CarpalFix System is intended for the reduction and internal f ... [more]
CompressX2 (Prod 10138)
The CompressX headless compression screw allows users to control ... [more]
Express Staple System (Prod 1601096)
• Superelastic, Nitinol Shape Memory Staple • Delivers Immed ... [more]
Hallu-X (Prod 10140)
Stable intramedullary fixation of the first metatarsophalangeal j ... [more]
HammerFiX™ (Prod 1601094)
The HammerFiX™ device is indicated for the fixation of osteotom ... [more]
IO FIX 2.0 System (Prod 160308)
IO FIX 2.0 system, the second-generation of the company’s impla ... [more]
IOFiX System (Prod 11950)
The IOFiX Intraosseous Fixation System provides a unique approach ... [more]
KinematX Modular Hemi Wrist (Prod 1601095)
Building on the clinical success from the original monothilic imp ... [more]
TarsX (Prod 10139)
Intramedullary Midfoot Fusion Device that provides for the follow ... [more]
TrapEZX Anatomic Trapezium Prosthesis (Prod 10349)
Completely anatomical trapezium bone replacement. For DJD of the ... [more]
XMCP Intramedullary Fusion Device (Prod 11027)
Stable intramedullary fixation; Fixed 25° angle for reproduci ... [more]