Expanding Orthopedics, Inc.

Product Listings for Expanding Orthopedics, Inc.
Antegrade & Retrograde IM Nail System (Prod 10015)
An IM nail system that is designed to address proximal and distal ... [more]
Expandable Device for the Treatment of VCF (Prod 12239)
Expandable device for the treatment of vertebral compression frac ... [more]
Expanding Femoral Nail (Prod 9161)
These implants are used to fix the femur bone to the head of a hi ... [more]
FLXfit (Prod 150113)
FLXfit implant is a 3-D expandable interbody cage indicated for T ... [more]
FLXfit™15 (Prod 1706231)
The FLXfit™15 is an expanding interbody cage that allows for co ... [more]
LXfit (Prod 150113)
The LXfit is a 3D expandable articulated TLIF cage that meets the ... [more]
XPED Expanding Pedicle Screw (Prod 9160)
An expanding pedicle screw system that is designed to provide imp ... [more]