Endotec, Inc.

Product Listings for Endotec, Inc.
B-P All-Poly Glenoid Component (Prod 547)
Minimal glenoid resection and disruption maintains maximum bone s ... [more]
Buechel-Pappas Acetabular Component System (Prod 6741)
Fixed anatomical cup configuration that approximates the shape of ... [more]
Buechel-Pappas Humeral Resurfacing (Prod 546)
Thin walled components for proper fit without excessive humeral h ... [more]
BUECHEL-PAPPAS Humeral Stems (Prod 544)
Stem sizes - 8 to 14mm in 2mm increments with or without porous c ... [more]
BUECHEL-PAPPAS Integrated Hip Replacement System (Prod 5971)
For primary hip arthroplasty or hip resurfacing ... [more]
Buechel-Pappas Total Ankle (Prod 548)
A mobile bearing is thought to be the key to a successful ankle r ... [more]
BUECHEL-PAPPAS Tricompartmental Knee System (Prod 7092)
Primary and modular femoral and tibial components. Third-generat ... [more]
Custom Contract Manufacturing (Prod 6879)
Rapid response to orthopaedic surgical need is made practical by ... [more]
Custom Implants (Prod 7096)
Exceptional expertise in custom implant design and manufacture of ... [more]
Fenning-Pappas Modular Tibial Bearing (Prod 8384)
Dr. John B. Fenning, an orthopaedic surgeon and Dr. Michael J. Pa ... [more]