Encompass Group, LLC

Product Listings for Encompass Group, LLC
Pro-Gear Disposable Medical Face Masks (Prod 9726)
Models Dry Shield, fluid resistant face masks; avaialable with ... [more]
pulStar Wrap System (Prod 4714)
Device covers leg from just above ankle to just below knee. Late ... [more]
Stockinette (Prod 4713)
Wide array of sizes and configurations. Variety of fibers. Steri ... [more]
Thermo-Lite Hypothermia Prevention System (Prod 4712)
Designed to keep patients warm and prevent hypothermia by reflect ... [more]
ThermoFlect Heat Reflective Technology® (Prod 160329)
Instant, reliable, cost-effective, heat reflective blanket ... [more]
XX-span and CareNett Mesh Dressing Retainers (Prod 4715)
Designed to hold dressings on areas difficult to secure with tape ... [more]