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Product Listings for Eden Spine LLC
BACTEK™ (Prod 1801214)
The BACTEK™ PLIF & TLIF Cages have been designed by surgeon ... [more]
Giza VBR (Prod 10317)
The Giza is intended for use in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar ... [more]
NECTEK™ Anterior Cervical Plate (Prod 1801213)
The NECTEK™ anterior cervical plate is designed to easily fit t ... [more]
NEXIAL™ Cervical Cage (Prod 1801215)
The NEXIAL™ cervical cage is specifically designed by surgeons ... [more]
Perfx-1 (Prod 10318)
The Perfx-1 is a reliable and safe polyaxial pedicle screw system ... [more]
Perfx-2 Dynamic Stabilization System (Prod 10320)
The PERFX-2™ is a polyaxial pedicle screw based dynamic stabili ... [more]
SPHYNX System (Prod 160606)
The SPHYNX system is a low-profile, titanium plating system for t ... [more]
Welldisc (Prod 10319)
In collaboration with renowned spinal surgeon Dr. Jean Philippe L ... [more]
Wellex (Prod 8302)
The Wellex™ is an extension controller, positioned between the ... [more]