Product Listings for EUROS SAS
Athelia (Prod 11944)
Dual mobility equatorial press-fit acetabular component cup provi ... [more]
CBP (Prod 11945)
Flat edge polyethylene cup for cementing. ... [more]
e.Spine is an osteo-synthesis system, that has been designed to p ... [more]
EUROP Mobile Bearing (Prod 11938)
The EUROP Mobile Bearing prosthesis was designed in order to recr ... [more]
EUROP Postero (Prod 11940)
EUROP Postero is a tri-compartmental stabilized anterior posterio ... [more]
EUROP Standard (Prod 11939)
EUROP Standard is a tri-compartmental prosthesis with a fixed bea ... [more]
Euroscup (Prod 11943)
Iso-elastic Acetabular component allowing for the bending of acet ... [more]
Ibisco Spinal implant (Prod 11933)
Ibisco is a spinal implant comprising a base, a cover housing (ca ... [more]
Love CC Cage (Prod 11930)
Available in 7 sizes. ... [more]
Mobicup (Prod 11946)
Mobile cup recreating hip mobility after fracture of femoral neck ... [more]
Peace Plate
Pierced plate for more flexibility. Its design and minimum thick ... [more]
PIC Cage (Prod 11934)
The geometry, the bearing surface of the graft and the available ... [more]
PLM (Prod 11947)
Right lateralized femoral stem with or without cement PLM Stem ... [more]
SCANATOMIC (Prod 11949)
SCANATOMIC: The custom made prosthesis. Custom made prosthesis fr ... [more]
SCULTRA II Reverse (Prod 11937)
Respect of the anatomic 135 deg angle. Humeral implant: 2 modular ... [more]
Humeral implant: 3 modular elements. •Glenoid implants: fixa ... [more]
Sirius (Prod 11942)
Press Fit Acetabular shell (Cotyle) with equatorial macrostructur ... [more]
TWIST (Prod 11948)
TWIST: Anatomical femoral stem without cement. TWIST Femoral stem ... [more]