Delfi Medical Innovations, Inc.

Product Listings for Delfi Medical Innovations, Inc.
Contour Lower Leg Tourniquet (Prod 2672)
Fully adjustable cuff shape adjusts to variations in limb shape a ... [more]
Easi-Fit Tourniquet Cuffs (Prod 1802061)
Variable Contour and Cylindrical Tourniquet Cuffs Unique Easi ... [more]
P.T.S. Portable Tourniquet System (Prod 2674)
Advanced safety features with large display to show time and pres ... [more]
Pediatric Tourniquet Cuffs (Prod 2671)
With matching limb protection sleeves. 4 sizes. Designed to fit ... [more]
Vari Fit Contour Tourniquet Cuff (Prod 2673)
For use when standard tourniquet cuffs do not conform to actual l ... [more]