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Product Listings for DeRoyal Industries
Ankle Sports Orthotic with the Boa Closure System
Ankle sports orthosis that is tightened with a reel and cable mec ... [more]
Apex Conforming Bandage
One-ply polyester and rayon blend bandage that conforms to body c ... [more]
Arm Elevator/Arm Sling w/Ice Pockets
Post upper extemity surgery; Upper extremity edema ... [more]
Canica Ejectable Blade Scalpel
Push-button action minimizes disposal risk with reduced sharps in ... [more]
Collar and Cuff
Wrist/forearm elevation; humerus, radius or ulna fractures; Acrom ... [more]
Comfort Arm Sling
Cast support; Injuries to the humerus, radius, ulna, wrist or han ... [more]
Three-in-one system (cervical collar, two-post collar, and four-p ... [more]
Custom Knee Braces
Extensive line of lightweight, custom-made braces handcrafted for ... [more]
CVA Sling
For stroke or paralysis affecting the arm or shoulder. ... [more]
IonFusion Blades
Molecularly modified surfaces and "champagne gold" edges that ind ... [more]
Puddle Guppy
Disposable floor aspirator to quickly remove fluid from O.R. floo ... [more]
Self-Releasing Roll Belt Restraint
Allows patient to roll from side-to-side while offering support i ... [more]
Flat tray type container with foam and magnet for transfer of sha ... [more]
TekTemp 4000
Electrical cooling unit attached to pads on knee, etc. ... [more]
Utility Restraint Body Holder
Velcro receivable belt can be positioned as a self-releasing devi ... [more]
WaterPruf Cast Padding
The WaterPruf Cast Padding is constructed of a coated fabric that ... [more]