Darco International, Inc

Product Listings for Darco International, Inc
Air Traveler Walker
Secure, comfortable immobilization for foot and ankle patients. ... [more]
Body Armor Walker II
Leverage fasteners similar to ski boot buckles are attached direc ... [more]
Contoured Wrist Support
This adjustable wrist splint provides full wrist support and moti ... [more]
Deluxe Arm Sling
A sling that provides total comfort to the shoulder, arm and hand ... [more]
Dual-Tension Sacro-Lumbar Support
This brace is designed to provide support to the lower back and a ... [more]
Elastic Ankle Brace
One-piece elastic ankle brace provides maximum support in vital a ... [more]
GTS™ Great Toe Splint
An adjustable, postoperative splint. Indicated for relief of symp ... [more]
Heavy-Duty Clavicle Strap
This brace reduces stress on the clavicle and limits forward and ... [more]
The HeelWedge™ is clinically proven to off-load pressure from t ... [more]
MedSurg™ Postoperative Shoe
The MedSurg™ Shoe is the most versatile postoperative shoe on t ... [more]
Open-Toe Cast Boot
This economy open-toe cast boot is designed with a sturdy canvas ... [more]
Off-loading Shoe. The OrthoWedge® is clinically proven to reduce ... [more]
Serpentine Cervical Collar (Prod 1925)
This collar is made of a medium density foam covered with a white ... [more]
Shoulder Immobilizer (Prod 1930)
Immobilizes shoulder comfortably after separation, dislocation, s ... [more]
Single-Panel Knee Immobilizer
This brace is a single piece unit with adjustable hook and loop s ... [more]
Toe Alignment Splint (Prod 1932)
The one-size-fits-all Toe Alignment Splint is an effective and in ... [more]
Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer (Prod 1928)
This brace provides an optimum fit through the adjustment and pos ... [more]
Universal Rib Belt
This 6" wide double panel support provides comfort and flexibilit ... [more]