CrossRoads Extremity Systems

Product Listings for CrossRoads Extremity Systems
CrossTIE™ (Prod 1601213)
The CrossTIE™ implant is designed to aid in the correction of h ... [more]
DynaFORCE (Prod 1707153)
DynaFORCE is a hybrid fixation system comprised of a plate and ni ... [more]
EcoSMART™ Instrument Recovery Program (Prod 1601212)
Unlike disposable instruments, our instruments are durable, high- ... [more]
Headed, Headless and Snap-off Screws (Prod 1601214)
Uniquely designed Headed, Headless and Snap-off Screws Screws ar ... [more]
Motoclip Super Elastic Fusion Clip (Prod 1601211)
MotoCLIP Implants use the super elastic properties of nitinol to ... [more]
STRoPP Implant Kit (Prod 0909191)
The STRoPP Implant Kit with EcoSMART Instruments contains the ins ... [more]