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Product Listings for Corin Group PLC
3-Lok Pedicle Screw System (Prod 3856)
High torque, high pressure 3 point rod clamping system pedicle sc ... [more]
Features of the stem include: cemented and cementless options, ... [more]
BioFuse (Prod 3861)
BioFuse is a range of semi-resorbable synthetic bone substitutes ... [more]
Cenator Total Hip System
Monoblock and modular stems, manufactured from cast cobalt chrome ... [more]
The Cera-Fit stem has a porous plasma and CaP coatings for optima ... [more]
Corifix Radial Head
The Corifix Radial Head implant has been designed for use when th ... [more]
Coriplast Bone Cement (Prod 5114)
Coriplast 1 is a "doughy" type of bone cement intended for manual ... [more]
Corlink Ligament Anchor System
For use with a hamstring graft ACL reconstruction. Designed to el ... [more]
Cormet Hip Resurfacing System
A metal-on-metal hip resurfacing system with the following sizes: ... [more]
CRF II Bipolar Hip Endoprosthesis (Prod 3301)
Previously available from Tornier and Wright Medical. ... [more]
A cementless acetabular cup system, with dual coated cobalt chrom ... [more]
Hardinge Canal Occluder (Prod 5115)
Femoral canal plug for cemented total hip replacement May be us ... [more]
HLS Noetos (Prod 3307)
A Total Knee Replacement system. Previously available from Tornie ... [more]
HLS Revision System (Prod 3308)
The HLS Revision System is a posterior stabilized total knee revi ... [more]
HLS Uni Evolution (Prod 3306)
Unicondylar Knee Replacement system ... [more]
Humelock Reversed Shoulder System (Prod 1702261)
The Humelock Reversed Shoulder System is a device used to treat p ... [more]
Hydroflex Arthroscopic Irrigation System (Prod 5954)
The Hydroflex System has no pressure pulse, therefore you always ... [more]
Lars Ligament
The Lars Ligament is a polyester woven fibre ligament to address ... [more]
Mehdian Spinal System
The Mehdian Spinal System is indicated for idiopathic and neuromu ... [more]
Mehdian Sublaminar Wiring System (Prod 3857)
Closed loop wires that provide ease of application and handling ... [more]
Modula Hip Revision System (Prod 3305)
Previously available from Tornier then Wright Medical. ... [more]
Multilok Hand Operating Table
Multilok System allows the surgeon to construct an operating fiel ... [more]
Optimized Positioning System (Prod 160319)
The Optimized Positioning System, OPS™, consists of two par ... [more]
For younger, active, high-demand patients in whom the condition o ... [more]
OSG Ankle Replacement System
A Total Ankle Replacement system with TiN coated bearing surfaces ... [more]
Oxford Shoulder (Prod 5955)
The Oxford Shoulder was designed in conjunction with Professor An ... [more]
Revival Resurfacing Hemi-Arthroplasty System
Revival is ideal for younger adult patients with early osteonecro ... [more]
RHS Radial Head System (Prod 6521)
Previously available from Tornier then Wright Medical. ... [more]
Rotafix Intervertebral Cage
A new generation of cage designed in conjunction with Mr S M H Me ... [more]
Salto Total Knee Prosthesis (Prod 3314)
Mobile bearing total knee prosthesis ... [more]