Consensus Orthopedics

Product Listings for Consensus Orthopedics
CS2 Acetabular Cup System (Prod 6743)
Acetabular component designed to improve the press-fit in high qu ... [more]
Hip System (Prod 5928)
Available for cemented and non-cemented applications. Cross-link ... [more]
Knee System (Prod 1861)
Anatomically designed and available for cemented and non-cemented ... [more]
Millennium® Cross-Linked PE (Prod 5480)
Millennium® Cross-linked Polyethylene offers enhanced physical p ... [more]
Patient Specific Implant (PSI) (Prod 5479)
Our Patient Specific Implant (PSI) program is a femoral stem that ... [more]
TracPatch (Prod 1711051)
TracPatch is a wearable device designed to allow healthcare provi ... [more]
UniSyn Hip System (Prod 1862)
Each component connects with every other component so optimal fit ... [more]