Collagen Matrix, Inc.

Product Listings for Collagen Matrix, Inc.
Collagen Nerve Cuff
The Collagen Nerve Cuff is a kink resistant tubular membrane desi ... [more]
DuraMatrix Collagen Dura Substitute Membrane
The DuraMatrix is intended to be used as a dural substitute in th ... [more]
Neuroflex Flexible Collagen Nerve Cuff
NeuroFlex is a resorbable, flexible, semi-permeable collagen-base ... [more]
NeuroMend™ Collagen Nerve Wrap
NeuroMend is a resorbable, collagen-based rolled membrane matrix ... [more]
OssiGuide Cancellous Granules
OssiGuide™ Cancellous Granules are anorganic bone mineral g ... [more]
OssiMend Collagen-Mineral Composite Bone Graft Material
Combine with autologous bone marrow to fill gaps and bony voids. ... [more]
OssiPatch Collagen Bone Healing Protective Sheet
The OssiPatch™ Collagen Bone Healing Protective Sheet is a ... [more]
TenoMend™ Collagen Tendon Wrap (prod 9677)
Resorbable type I collagen matrix that provides a non-constrictin ... [more]