Cloward Instrument Corporation

Product Listings for Cloward Instrument Corporation
Bone Graft Impactor (Prod 6049)
Double-ended. 11 mm. and 14 mm. Tamps. ... [more]
Cloward Curettes (Prod 6043)
Ring and spinal curettes. Straight and curved. ... [more]
Cloward Dowel Cutter (Prod 2995)
Anterior cervical fusion kit Dowell Cutters Dowel Cu ... [more]
Cloward Neck Rest (Prod 2992)
This neck rest provides anatomical support and exposure for anter ... [more]
Cloward Osteotomes (Prod 6045)
Straight and curved osteotomes. ... [more]
Cloward Periosteal Elevator (Prod 6048)
Cervical and lumbar periosteal elevators. ... [more]
Cloward Spanner Gauge & Depth Gauge (Prod 2994)
Spanner and depth gauge for disc space measurements in anterior c ... [more]
English IVD Rongeur
Tissue removing device with measurements 4 x 6 mm, shaft length 2 ... [more]
Hand Held Retractors
The Cloward Hand Held Retractors include the following: Blade Ret ... [more]
Harmon Chisel
For decortication of lumbar vertebral bodies, 6mm blade width, 24 ... [more]
Surgical Saddle (Prod 2991)
Prone positioning device for lumbar spine procedures The patien ... [more]
Vertebra Spreader
Multiple sizes and shapes. Also hand-held spreaders. ... [more]