Citagenix Inc.

Product Listings for Citagenix Inc.
Accell Connexus (Prod 6018)
DBM putty that provides exceptional handling and graft containmen ... [more]
Accell® DBM100 Putty (Prod 6019)
Accell® DBM100 is a 100% osteoinductive putty. Demineralized bon ... [more]
DynaGraft II Gel and Putty
DynaGraft II is a combination of demineralized bone matrix (DBM) ... [more]
MBCP Engineered Resorbable Bone Matrix
Using the mineral building blocks naturally found in human bone, ... [more]
OrthoBlast II (Prod 160630)
2-in1 bone graft solution that combines osteoinductive and osteoc ... [more]
Osteodisc (Prod 6020)
Bone mill designed for use in grafting procedures The ma ... [more]
Raptos Allograft
Raptos Allograftcan ensure that your graft is available when need ... [more]