Centinel Spine, Inc.

Product Listings for Centinel Spine, Inc.
ALTOS® PCT (Prod 1601291)
The first FDA cleared posterior cervical thoracic system specific ... [more]
MIDLINE II™ Integrated Interbody™ Anterior Lumbar Device (Prod 151619)
Next-generation Integrated Interbody™ anterior lumbar device, b ... [more]
ProDisc-C Total Disc Replacement (Prod 9681)
The ProDisc™-C Total Disc Replacement is a device made from met ... [more]
ProDisc-L (Prod 4239)
ProDisc-L total disc replacement is for use in spinal fusion surg ... [more]
STALIF C (Prod 10688)
STALIF C™ is intended to be used as an IBF cage without supplem ... [more]
STALIF C-Ti™ (Prod 150619)
Based on the successful STALIF C® device, STALIF C-Ti™ incorpo ... [more]
STALIF L™ (Prod 1606231)
STALIF L™ No-Profile, Lateral Lumbar Integrated Interbody syste ... [more]
STALIF MIDLINE Integrated Interbody Fusion (Prod 10687)
The STALIF MIDLINE Integrated Interbody Fusion™ system offe ... [more]
STALIF TT Intervertebral Body Fusion System (Prod 150619)
• The STALIF TT™ Intervertebral Body Fusion System is indicat ... [more]