Cardinal Health

Product Listings for Cardinal Health
Adson Periosteal Elevator
Sharp, square edge. Length 6-1/2"(16.5CM) ... [more]
Austin Right Angle Elevator
Blade 2mm wide, angled 90 degree. Length 6-1/4``(16CM) ... [more]
Ava-Tex Bone Cement Delivery Systems
For minimally invasive treatment of osteoporotic fractures and le ... [more]
Ava-Tex Radiopaque Bone Cement (Prod 5819)
For treatment of spinal compression fractures in vertebroplasty, ... [more]
Blair Elevator
NO 1, Dull, curved laterally, 7-1/2"(19.1CM) ... [more]
Bone Cutting Forceps
Bone cutter with pointed jaws, straight 5 3/4IN. Bone cutting for ... [more]
Cannulated Screw System (Prod 11360)
Cannulated Screw System is designed and manufactured to perform t ... [more]
Cherry Osteotomes
Straight. One-piece construction on octagonal handle. Overall len ... [more]
Cobb Periosteal Elevator
CURVED SMALL 13MM WIDE 11" LONG Useful for orthopedic procedu ... [more]
Convertor Specimen Sock
Unsterile, single use, mesh bag used to collect specimens during ... [more]
Craig Septum Bone Cutting Forceps
Craig Septum Bone Cutting Forceps, Length 6-1/2"(16.5CM) ... [more]
Drill Bits (Prod 11361)
Drill bits are designed and manufactured to perform to the level ... [more]
Esteem Blue Surgical Gloves
With Neu-Thera® emollient coating as a colored underglove to ... [more]
Exidine (Prod 6789)
Chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG) solution ... [more]
Horsley Bone Cutting Forceps
Horsley Bone Cutting Forceps Overall Length 7-3/4'"(19.7CM) ... [more]
Jackson-Pratt Wound Drainage Reservoir System
Single use. AKA Jackson Pratt. ... [more]
Kazanjian Cutting Forceps
Kazanjian Cutting Forceps. Overall length 7-1/2"(19CM) ... [more]
Kleinert-Kutz Bone Cutting Forceps
Kleinert-Kutz Bone Cutting Forceps. Double-Action Straight, Lengt ... [more]
Liston Bone Cutting Forceps
Liston Bone Cutting Forceps. Curved Jaws, Length 5-1/2"(14CM) ... [more]
Liston-Stille Type DA Bone Cutting Forceps
Overall length 10-1/2in (26.7cm). ... [more]
Littauer-Liston Bone Cutting Forceps
Littauer-Liston Bone Cutting Forceps, Length 5-3/4"(14.6CM). Ligh ... [more]
OR Towel
Supplier of a variety of towels for the OR. ... [more]
Prevail-STX One-Step Patient Preoperative Prep
99.9999 % kill against more than 50 organisms. Flow control appl ... [more]
Protegrity SMT
Sterile, latex, powder-free surgical gloves. ... [more]
Ruskin Bone Splitting Forceps
Double-action. Overall length 7-3/8in (18.7cm). ... [more]
Scrub Care
Povidone-iodine (PVP-I) solution. ... [more]
Shadow-LineĀ® Cervical Spine Retractor System (Prod 8167)
Self-retaining, hands-free, cervical retractor ... [more]
Shadow-LineĀ® McCulloch Lumbar Retractor System (Prod 8165)
Radiolucent self retaining retractor that combines a unique mix o ... [more]
Smart-Seal Surgical Masks
Cinch and hug single-tie design creating a custom seal around the ... [more]