Bonovo Orthopedics, Inc.

Product Listings for Bonovo Orthopedics, Inc.
A-Spine Vigor Cervical Disc Spacer
Cervical disc spacer for the upper thoracic spine. Teeth on super ... [more]
A-Spine Window System
Window is a plate system made from titanium and titanium alloy. T ... [more]
C-LINK Spinal Fixation System
The C-Link spinal fixation system used for cervical posterior fix ... [more]
Cervitech PCM Artificial Cervical Disc
Total replacement disc for the cervical spine to maintain stabili ... [more]
Distribution in China (Prod 11411)
A "complete solution" for companies entering the Chinese orthoped ... [more]
Manufacturing in China
World-class manufacturing facilities located in Beijing and Tianj ... [more]