Biomet Sports Medicine

Product Listings for Biomet Sports Medicine
Absorb-O-Mat O.R. Floor Mat (Prod 150409)
Optimal wicking, absorption and retention capabilities; Does NOT ... [more]
Alliance Off-the-Shelf Functional Knee Brace (Prod 6993)
Contours to the anatomy and resists anterior translation of the t ... [more]
ALLthread Suture Anchors (Prod 7726)
ALLthread III Titanium anchor and ALLthread PEEK Optima Copolymer ... [more]
AquaLoc Cannulas (Prod 150409)
The AquaLoc Cannulas are more than just your average cannula. Bio ... [more]
ArthroRivet Tack (Prod 6457)
Cannulated. Eliminates need for suture. Small implant size for ... [more]
Arthrotek Precision Hand Instruments (Prod 3915)
Meticulously designed and manufactured to conform to the surgeon' ... [more]
AXL Cross Pin (Prod 6489)
Titanium (also available in LactoSorb L15 as a resorbable screw-p ... [more]
Bio-Core Interference Screw (Prod 6487)
LactoSorb L15 resorbable interference screw that can be filled wi ... [more]
Bio-Phase Suture Anchor (Prod 282)
Absorbable suture anchor ... [more]
Caspari Suture Punch System (Prod 3910)
Direct passage through the tissue without the need for ancilary i ... [more]
CentraLoc Tibial Fixation Device (Prod 6488)
LactoSorb L15. Serrated washer to grasp tissue. Smooth post inc ... [more]
Charlotte Shoulder System (Prod 3916)
One system to address arthroscopic, mini-open and open procedures ... [more]
Collared Harpoon Suture Anchor (Prod 283)
Direct impaction into bone. ... [more]
Collarless Harpoon Suture Anchor (Prod 284)
Impaction through soft tissue then bone. ... [more]
CT5000 Controlled Cold/Heat Therapy System (Prod 1430)
Cold and Hot Therapy in One Reliable, Cost-Effective Package ... [more]
CurvTek Bone Tunneling System (Prod 3908)
The CurvTek® system combines the benefits of preferred soft t ... [more]
EZLoc Femoral Fixation Device (Prod 6033)
For ACL reconstruction Titanium implant that captures the corti ... [more]
Gentle Thread Resorbable Interference Screw (Prod 214)
Absorbable ACL interference fixation. ... [more]
InnerVue Diagnostic Scope System (Prod 4087)
Allows diagnostic arthroscopy in one's office. Scope diameter ab ... [more]
JuggerKnotĀ® Soft Anchor (Prod 11129)
1.4 mm implant that allows more tissue-to-bone contact  R ... [more]
LactoScrew Anchor (Prod 6491)
May be repositioned Simple insertion: tap only ... [more]
Lactosorb No-Profile Screw and Washer (Prod 281)
Absorbable No-Profile Screw and washer provides the fixation and ... [more]
MaxBraid PE Suture (Prod 3914)
Unique braid allows the suture to lie flat and improves knot secu ... [more]
MaxFire Meniscal Repair System (Prod 8654)
All-inside, all-suture anchor meniscal repair system. Secure the ... [more]
Meniscus Screw (Prod 286)
Absorbable meniscus repair fixation. ... [more]
MicroMax Resorbable Suture Anchor (Prod 6400)
Loaded with MaxBraid PE Suture and comprised of LactoSorb L15 cop ... [more]
Mini Harpoon Anchor (Prod 285)
Soft tissue fixation when size and space are limitations. ... [more]