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Product Listings for Biomet Biologics, LLC
AGF (Prod 1091)
Autologous growth factor. ... [more]
BioCUE Platelet Concentration System (Prod 10892)
Aspirated bone marrow is frequently used as a bone grafting tool. ... [more]
Bone Plast (Prod 1093)
Bone void filler. ... [more]
Bonus®CC Matrix 150409)
Bonus®CC Matrix is allograft bone that maintains its osteoind ... [more]
Calcigen™ PSI (Prod 4539)
Synthetic bone graft substitute composed of 60% Hydroxyapatite an ... [more]
Calcigen™ S Bone Graft System (Prod 4540)
Synthetic system that comes as granules or paste ... [more]
Chondux - Cartilage Regeneration Product (Prod 7426)
Proprietary technology focused on cartilage filling. The technolo ... [more]
Clotalyst Autologous Serum Collection System (Prod 10891)
The Clotalyst® Autologous Serum Collection System produces ap ... [more]
DermaSpan™ Acellular Dermal Matrix (Prod 1504081)
Acellular dermal matrix derived from allograft human skin ... [more]
FiberStack™ Demineralized Bone Matrix (Prod 150409)
Unlike traditional DBM putties, FiberStack™ DBM is designed to ... [more]
GPS III System (Gravitational Platelet Separation System) (Prod 7361)
Unlike systems that cannot compensate for the difference in red c ... [more]
InterGro® Osteoinductive DBM Putty (Prod 4206)
InterGro combines AlloGro® DBM with a non-toxic, lipid carrier ( ... [more]
OsseoFit Porous Tissue Matrix (Prod 8656)
Bone void filler composed of an interconnected, highly porous, os ... [more]
OsteoStim Skelite (Prod 1191)
Resorbable bone graft substitute. ... [more]
Perfuse Percutaneous Decompression System (Prod 150409)
The PerFuse Percutaneous Decompression Instrument allows orthoped ... [more]
Pro Osteon (Prod 4695)
ProOsteon. Mixable, moldable, injectable, porous, and resorbable ... [more]
StaGraft™ DBM Putty and Plus (Prod 150409)
StaGraft™ DBM Putty and Plus Osteoinductive DBM with a natural, ... [more]