Product Listings for Biomatlante
Composite Bone Implants for Spine (Prod 9685)
Composite Bone Implants are osteoconductive resorbable composite ... [more]
Hydros - Malleable Bone Substitute (Prod 9684)
The malleable generation: Hydros is a non-hardening paste compri ... [more]
MBCP - Bone Substitutes (Prod 9682)
MBCP is a non-structural bioactive resorbable synthetic bone graf ... [more]
Osteotwin (Prod 9683)
The interference screw Osteotwin is a resorbable / absorbable com ... [more]
Stimul'Os (Prod 11141)
Stimul'Os™ is a mixing delivery system with MBCP™ gra ... [more]