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BioPro, Inc.
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Accu-Cut Bunion Guide (Prod 3141)
Easy mount and cut technique allows fast and efficient performanc ... [more]
Anatomic Conservative Modular Elbow (Prod 4982)
Full range of non-constrained motion. The A.C.M.E. prosthesis h ... [more]
Basal Thumb
The Basal Thumb has a polished head and a blasted or porous coate ... [more]
Clover Staple (Prod 11001)
Four Corner and STT Fusion Staple ... [more]
Effi+Pro® (Prod 150128)
Distraction and/or compression in one device. ... [more]
Elbow System
The prosthetic elbow ensemble represents essentially a stemmed re ... [more]
First MPJ Implant (Prod 1502021)
Phalynx-based implant to avoid the high stresses placed on the me ... [more]
Allows the surgeon to obtain intra-operative simulated weight-bea ... [more]
Hemi Toe
Great Toe Hemi Implant is an excellent alternative to fusion ... [more]
Horizon Subtalar
The Horizon Subtalar Implant is used for the treatment of flatfoo ... [more]
Lesser MPJ Implant (Prod 1502022)
Excellent option for Frieberg's disease. ... [more]
MCS Headless Bone Screw (Prod 7002)
Compression, headless, bone screw. Cannulated. Self tapping. P ... [more]
Memory Staple (Prod 10999)
Body Heat Activated. The Memory Staple is an ideal form of fixati ... [more]
Millennium Compression Screw
Tri-Flute positive rake cutting tip. Available in 1mm incremen ... [more]
Modular Thumb Implant (Prod 506)
The Modular Thumb Implant provides relief for arthritis in the Me ... [more]
Optima Stem
An economical prosthesis which possesses the superior design feat ... [more]
P.S.L. Stem
Manufactured from Cobalt Chrome and is available with or without ... [more]
Shoulder System (Prod 3146)
Composed of three components: the Humeral Stem, the Glenoid compo ... [more]
TENdone (Prod 3140)
Finger-trap-like device used to pass tendons through bone. ... [more]
The Break-Out! (Prod 3142)
For the removal of broken cannulated screws without bone disrupti ... [more]
Total Articular Replacement Arthroplasty Head
For use with a severe disabling and / or painful hip associated w ... [more]
Total Articular Replacement Arthroplasty Stem
For use with a severe disabling and / or painful hip associated w ... [more]
Total Knee System
Provides anatomical replacement of all articulating surfaces in t ... [more]
Uni-compartmental Knee System
Provides a non-constrained, full resurfacing uni-compartmental ar ... [more]
Wujin Bone Plates
Low Cost Alternative Fracture System. The fracture bone plating ... [more]
Wujin Nail
Low Cost Alternative Fracture System. The fracture nail system p ... [more]